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Undoubtedly the best “how to” book on automotive workshops has just been published by S-A Design.

Written by Jeff Zurschmeide, How to Design, Build & Equip Your Auto Workshop on a Budget is designed to help the practical hobbyist mechanic make the most of any available space, on almost any budget.

Illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, Zurschmeide shows you how to:

  • Plan your workspace
  • Choose your wall and floor coverings, windows, and skylights
  • Design and install your electricity, lighting, plumbing, compressed air, a paint booth, and welding facilities
  • Create and organize your storage space
  • Select your tools, hoists, cranes and lifts
  • And finally how to include the human amenities that make your workshop fun and livable

Hundreds of tips and examples show everything from ground-up construction, to rodent control, to finishing touches that will take your shop from good to great.

1965 Mustang GT350

1965 Mustang GT350 -- A Race Car Restored

Jerry F. Boone interviews Rob Vanderzanden, owner of this GT350. In the article you’ll also find background information on Carroll Shelby’s Mustang convertsions and Ford’s rush to put the landmark vehicle into production.

Barrett-Jackson Auction

Restoration for Fun and Profit!

Auction advice from Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson at the Scottsdale, Arizona auction. Also, Perry Dodd, owner of European Detail Specialists talks about the risks of restoring for profit while his 1971 Chevelle crosses the auction block. Read more...

San Diego Automotive Museum

Here’s the first of our Museum Profile articles.
Sit back, relax, and take a tour of the
San Diego Automotive Museum.

1932 Ford

Where is the Collector Car Market going? Learn where to find trend data for your car. Also, an insider’s view of the current market.

1961 Porsche

Award-winning motorsports journalist Jerry F. Boone has contributed a dozen new feature stories to PopularRestorations.com and more are on the way.
The Popular Restorations Feature Car
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Where Does the Time and Money Go?

Take a look at the Popular Restorations feature car, a
1946 Packard Custom Super 8 Seven Passenger Sedan.
Have you ever heard that a complete restoration can take 1000 to 2000 hours to complete or cost more than a new luxury car? This project car will serve as an educational example so you can see precisely where the time and money goes.

Time Click the calendar graphic to see an itemization of the time spent on the Popular Restorations feature car. The restoration was done over a two year period and took a little over 1300 hours to complete.
Money Click the money graphic to see an itemization of the money spent on the Popular Restorations feature car.

Each article in the Restoration Topics section includes more information on the feature car restoration.

Expert Advice

Car Shop Tours

Check out this Illustrated Tour of Portland Engine Rebuilders. See what you might miss by doing the work yourself.


Also, over 100 articles and interviews on every imaginable aspect of car restoration (Restoration Topics) and dozens of Featured Cars and Trucks!

Click on any item below for more details at Amazon.com

Tom Benford
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Restoring Collector Cars
Alpha, Paperback, 2004-08-03
The first 150 pages of this book are dedicated to the process of finding and deciding upon a restoration project and determining your restoration strategy. This part is covered in detail, and covered very well. The last 50 pages or so cover what to do with your car after the restoration is done, which leaves just over 100 pages to cover the actual work. For example, the chapter on engines assumes that the basic mill is in good shape, and simply covers tuning, carb adjustment, and freshening the engine bay. This is not a step by step mechanical manual - but it offers some of the best coverage on every other aspect of restoration.

Matt Joseph
Collector Car Restoration Bible: Practical Techniques for Professional Results
Krause Publications, Paperback, 2005-10-14

This book covers it all, from buying a restorable car to the finishing touches. And in between, it touches on every part of the car, from sheet metal repair to engine internals. If you were to have just one book as a guide, this would be that book. The book is photo-rich and provides both procedural details and collected wisdom from experienced restorers.

Kevin Clemens
Motor Oil for a Car Guy's Soul
River's Bend Pess, Perfect Paperback, 2004-12
This book won the prestigious 2005 Ken Purdy Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism. A compilation of the author’s columns that first appeared in European Car magazine, it received critical acclaim and struck a chord with several generations of automotive enthusiasts.

Kevin Clemens
Motor Oil For a Car Guy's Soul Volume II
Demontreville Press, Inc., Paperback, 2006-12-15
Motor Oil For a Car Guy’s Soul Volume II picks up from the first book, entertaining car guys of either gender with a mixture of additional insights, observations, and tall tales.
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